installations & performances
Investigation on Desire
audio installation, Flora Pilet
Listen first release
Pharmakon performative conference
Autumn 2015, Kaaistudio's (Bxl)
Duration : 33' 59"
« So desire what was it ? (…) It was a big misunderstood, a little misunderstood. »1 
Desire … Few weeks ago, the new commercial campain of a alcohol appeared on screen and on the huge advertising poster in the city. This new campain calls M.. BEGINS DESIRE. So here we are, now desire is not only a little misunderstood as Deleuze said or in crisis as Bernard Stiegler stated , desire is right now a concept for advertising.  

 Actually, it is perfectly well-timed, I began this investigation of desire in the Thematics residency in the middle of october and few weeks later, this came out.  Of course, long been advertising plays with our desires. But now it is no longer just to make us want something we do not need, it is transforming our very thought of desire. 
So especially right now, this investigation is an existentiel journey around the construction of desire. It concerns me in a particular way but it also concerns each one of us as human being expanding desires, who are able to make agency with them, to live them, to make them existing. It starts from a troubling realisation about this notion of desire which today ever more violently collide with the possiblity of its realisation in a economic, political and social context where the word desire is all to often associtated with spontaneity, consumption and the each-for-one-self. 
« So desire what was it ? » this simple question, asked by Claire Parnet to Gilles Deleuze in the Abecedaire, resound today with a singular force. On the hand, she asked him in past tense, as desire doesn't exist any more, and on the other hand from many years now, Bernard Stiegler speaks about «  crisis of desire ». However Raoul Vaneigem remind us that « being human, it's reffining desires untill creating a world that excause them. That has been transformed by work deserve today to be radically changing by creation. » 
I 'd like to reformulate the question of Claire Parnet and open a space of reflexion for thinking about this notion of desire. If we really take the time, to unfold the word and let it resonnate inside yourself what would happen ?  
Desire needs time and space, here you can take time in a confortable space, to listen unknown voices speaking about desire, you can also just lay down and thinking for yourself what do you associate to the word desire. What sounds ? What images ? What sensations ? How it resonates inside yourself, what comes to your mind ? 

1   Claire Parnet, Gilles Deleuze, in D comme désir, Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze.